A Few Pics From The Burning Angel Brunch


Sadly, I had so much fun at this year’s Burning Angel Brunch at Rattlecan, I barely had time to take pictures.  What you see below is what you get. Fortunately, The Sun sent a photographer, and you can see another 14 of them by clicking here.  And you can read an outsider’s perspective on the entire party at The Daily Beast. Thanks to Sammy D for creating a great menu of his classic burgers plus a custom Magic Mushroom Melt for our vegetarian friend Jessie Lee, a BBQ Pork Donut with chipotle honey drizzle for Kleio and Mini Pancakes with smoked salmon for Joanna Angel. Thanks to Joanna Angel, Kleio, Jessie Lee, Veruca James and Nikki Heart for being so much fun (especially while riding the pickle).  And thanks to all the fans who showed up.  See you next year.


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