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[private]It’s been a big week of writing just about everywhere but here.  So the least I can do is point you in the direction of all of the latest news.

My latest endeavour has been AOL’s new City’s Best site.  Over there right now you’ll find my articles on authentic Japanese cuisine, what’s fresh at the local farmer’s markets, and a quick Q&A with Rick Moonen.  And stay tuned for my upcoming interview with Top Chef Just Dessert‘s Gail Simmons and a piece on gourmet cupcakes — which should be posted by the end of the day.  (I’ll add the links when they go up.)

The new issue of Desert Companion is out.  I’ll admit, the wesbite can be a little hard to navigate, but if you scroll through you’ll find my contributions to the Restaurant Awards, a preview of the restuarants coming to The Cosmopolitan, a profile of my co-authors Max, John and me previewing our new book and talking about guilty pleasures, and a non-food story on The Siegel Group.

The new issue of Luxury Las Vegas is out, including my article on foie gras.  (So far I can’t find a link for my sidebar on the ethical debate, but if I do, I’ll post it here.  In the meantime, go pick up an actual magazine!)

And I’ve got three stories in the latest issue of Citylife. I review Roxy’s Diner (sadly dissapointing). I give a brief preview of the upcoming Food & Wine All-Star Weekend.  And I dished some dirt on what went on behind the scenes while writing Eating Las Vegas: The 50 Esssential Restaurants.

I also just finished an incredible story on caviar for next moth’s Luxury Las Vegas — so stay tuned for some great pictures.

The rest of today will be dedicated to checking up on RSVP’s for the November 17 book release party, and interviewing championship eater Joey Chestnut and Steve Martorano for a story on Sunday’s meatball eating championship at Cafe Martorano. And maybe I’ll see if the world’s greatest colorist can spruce up my hair in preparation for my upcoming appearance this Sunday at Rick Moonen’s Feasting on Words.  That one’s a free event, so everyone should come out for the food, book signings (not mine quite yet, however), and opportunity to watch me, Max and John make asses of ourselves.[/private]


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