Curtas Gets It Right For Once — Lunch At Delmonico


Dining with John Curtas is never dull, particularly for the other people at the table who have to endure our constant bickering.  Trying to agree on a restaurant can be even more contentious.  So when John and I were scheduled to have lunch with some new friends, I decided to just let him decide.  It’s no big surprise that he went with a steakhouse – he kind of has an obsession.  What was a surprise, however, was just how good the food at Delmonico was.

The fact that I’ve never eaten a full meal at Emeril’s Venetian restaurant is no reflection on the celebrity chef or his local staff.  There are just a LOT of restaurants in this town, and I tend to find steakhouses among the least interesting.  But I’ve go to admit, Delmonico has some great food on the menu. The steak was, of course, good.  But I was much more impressed with the other offerings.  My absolute favorite was the stuffed pork trotter with apple brandy reduction.  An apple-smoked Korobuta ham chop served over grits with a cider reduction was a very close second.  But I enjoyed just about everything.  The only things I probably wouldn’t order again were the lobster sliders, but I’ve never been a fan of lobster rolls.

A huge thank you to our hosts Marc Kamler and Marla Brodsky, as well as the entire staff of Delmonico.  And congrats to Curtas for getting it right for once.  Here are some pictures – although they were taken with a pretty lousy phone so you’ll have to excuse the quality.

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