From Russia With Love (And Sex Toys)

I have to give credit to my colleague Max Jacobson for introducing me to Forte – a super-cool little restaurant in Las Vegas’ west side suburbs. I was immediately blown away by the hip vibe, and countless types of ethnic food that are difficult, or even impossible to find in this town: Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian, Georgian and Russian. It’s also run by two of the coolest people on the local restaurant scene: Bulgarian-born owner Nina Manchez and her chef/father Stephan.
But the fact is, I’ve never been to Russia. So I wanted to bring my friend Anya, who was born in Moscow. Anya is a long-time friend who tends to seek employment on the seedier side of Sin City. When I first met her she was managing a totally nude strip club on the down-and-out stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard between The Strip and Downtown. By the time I convinced her to visit Forte she was working at the Déjà vu Adult Emporium, one of our town’s premiere sex shops. So that’s where I met her and her boyfriend Adam Bomb, who’s also a great tattoos artist at Vegas Inked. The crew had a field day shooting all of the sex toys. But I eventually dragged them out of there and made it to the restaurant. Anya was a bit nervous, since she doesn’t know much about Bulgarian food. But as you can see, she and Adam loved just about everything they tried.