Vegas’ New Burger King — Poshburger!


As a rule, I don’t critique meals that I enjoy as a guest of the chef.  My reasoning is pretty simple: you don’t critique a gift, you simply say “thank you.”  If I don’t like some aspect of a comp’d meal it would be rude to point that out.  If I love it, someone out there will assume any compliments I bestow were bought and paid for.  Furthermore, everyone realizes that the experience I have at a restaurant when a chef invites me isn’t the same experience the average diner has.  So when I’m invited to a restaurant, I’ll generally just post photos on my blog.

I’m willing to bend that rule, however for the restaurant where Sue and I had a tasting on Saturday.   Because Poshburger is, quite simply, the best burger restaurant I’ve ever experienced.  And in a town like Las Vegas, which boasts burger restaurants from celebrity chefs Hubert Keller, Kerry Simon and  Gordon Ramsay, that’s saying a lot.

Located on Charleston and Hualapai, Poshburger is the creation of Chef Conrad Gallagher and his wife Candice.  The Irish chef worked in the prestigious New York kitchens of The Plaza Hotel, The Waldorf Astoria’s Peacock Alley, Le Cirque, Lespinasse, Daniel and Le Bernardin before returning to his native country to open his own restaurant.  There, at the age of 25, he became the youngest chef to be awarded a Michelin star.

At Poshburger, the chef offers some of the most exotic burgers in town, including elk, venison, wild boar, lamb and duck.  His beef is grass-fed, his fruits and vegetables are organic, and all of the meats are antibiotic-free.  And as you can see below, his other dishes are just as creative.

For now, I won’t offer a more detailed review of the place.  All I can say is get your ass in there ASAP.  I’ll also give you a tip.  Sit at the bar, where sliders are available for $5.  That way you can try three different burgers for less than the cost of one full-sized version.

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