White Truffle Memories


With white truffles now a thing of the past (until next year), I suddenly realized I never posted these photos of my white truffle dinner at Valentino.  That’s a crime since, as I wrote in Eating Las Vegas 2013, “when white truffles are in season, there’s no restaurant in town that offers a more decadent tasting of the prized fungi.”  So I’ve decided to post them now.  After all, just because you can’t have something doesn’t mean you don’t want to look at pictures of it.  (That’s why we call it food porn!)

This meal was served in what may be the city’s most romantic room, the intimate Barolo Room.  Sadly, I had to limit it to a mere 5 courses, not only because I was getting stuffed, but also because my day job called and asked me to report on a stabbing at the Bellagio.  But as you can see, we got plenty of amazing food..


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